Thursday, 28 November 2013


Today my neighbour greeted the delivery am and took in my parcel. She dropped it over after I came home from work. Certisnly saved me a trip to the post office!

My parcel was wrapped in brown paper and had travelled to me from the Netherlands. 

I carefully opened all edges to find a second layer of paper. Bridie, 11, made sure the parcels were wrapped and I could open them further. 

This is what greeted me. 

An ornament. 

Not not any ornament one that has been cross stitched. I absolutely love it. 

It will have a special place on my tree this year. 


  1. How exciting Simone,love the decoration.xx

  2. WooHoo... santa has started his deliveries! :)

  3. OMGoodness what a beautiful ornament and now you have some lovely gifts to pop under your tree.

  4. I am glad you like your ornament.

  5. Isn't it exciting to have parcels arriving from so far away!

  6. Oh what a pretty ornament... how exciting to receive a parcel from so far away! Enjoy x

  7. How exciting! Looks like great fun ahead. Beautiful ornament.

  8. Look at that beautiful stitching - can't wait to see the rest.


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