Sunday, 10 November 2013

Planned adventures

Warning: this is a long post. 

This week I spent two nights in Sydney for work. 

I stayed at the Grace Hotel which was amazing. The beds were so comfy. 
The breakfast bar was a treat. 

Night one I ate at the Grace again yummy. 

Night two we headed to Darling Harbour and ate at the Braza, an experience but do much meat. They carved it off sticks in front of you!  Such a small salad plate was served up. 

The meetings I went to were held at 99 On York street. This was the  view from the third floor. 

The Queen Victoria Building. 

Friday nights flight was horrific. We were bouncing and rocking as we flew over Bathurst and down in to Parkes.  Was quite shaken when I arrived. 

Mad rush when I got home Talia was going to her first Junior Dinner Dance. It took three of us to attempt to do her hair. ( I am a teacher not a hairdresser). 

 Dad and I having a go!

Talia ( black dress) with her friend Brooke.  

Families watch the first dances and the leave and the disco begins.  

Saturday.  I was so looking forward to heading over to Bathurst for the blog meet. The plans I had fell through, so I was told. It was suggested by some kind ladies to being my kids but thought they wouldn't like wondering through shops so in pulled out. 

I spent the morning working on my assignment. Nearly there, it has to be it is due on Monday!
Then quilted this. 

Binding is ready to sew on then to make a label and wrap it up. 


  1. So sorry you couldn't make it to Bathurst Simone - we will have to organise a weekend suitable to us both and meet up there and check it all out!!! Talia looked beautiful and the excitement shone through her smiles!!

  2. You certainly were busy Simone. Pity you couldn't meet up with everyone. I'm sure there'll be another time. Talia looked lovely for her dance.

  3. Your daughter looks gorgeous...we missed you

  4. beautiful girls........missed you on Saturday...........don't worry we'll do it again next year...........


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