Thursday, 12 December 2013

Stitching stitching and more stitching

Making progress on my new project. 

I am going to work on finishing a table runner this weekend, in between dentist visits and dance concerts. 

Saturday the girls return for their first dental check up at 8 am. Then by one they need to be dressed, makeup and hair ready for their matinee dance concert and return later on Saturday night for the evening concert. I will not be going to my work Xmas party as it is on Saturday night. 

Tomorrow is Talias last day of year 9. She has been attending peer support classes to ensure she is a good leader doe the new year seven students in 2014. 

Bridie is eagerly awaiting the announcement of school captain on Monday night, 8 girls nominated so who knows. She was happy that two people voted for her. 


  1. Good luck to your girls! The new project is so cute. I love red work.

  2. Lovely stitching, can't wait to see it completed.

  3. Love your stitching. You are very busy with your girls. Have a lovely time at the concert. hugs.....

  4. You are way ahead of me Simone - I have done a little tho. Special times for you and your girls - enjoy them!!


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