Sunday, 15 December 2013

Weekend is over.

This weekend has flown by. 
Mum arrived from Canberra and we had a great few days. 

Saturday was dentist for braces adjustments. Bridie had four brackets replaced. Talia none, Talia has elastics to wear. 

Brunch was at the new florist. 

Went shopping for a qwebber. I am waiting for it to arrive. Tuesday I will call them up and hope they say yes it arrived!

The dance concert was fantastic. 1pm start finished at five. Home quick bite to eat at back at six home by 1045. 

The Girls had a great year of dancing which makes me very happy. 

Sunday mum Bridie and I went to a different cafe for breakfast. We saw a colleague from cobar ,  she was down for our office Xmas party. I was at the concert so couldn't go. ( will have three work functions by the time this week is out. Wednesday morning tea, Thursday director farewell and Friday lunch for all workers who are left)

Have been stitching, nearly finished stitching.  Hope to show you by the end of the week. Roll on Friday I am in holidays!!!


  1. Wow! Busy weekend Simone - nice for you to share the concerts with your mum. The girls will be pleased when their braces are finished with - well worth the effort tho! have a great week.

  2. What an enjoyable weekend with your Mum's visit and daughter's concert. My GD had braces for what seemed like years but her teeth are beautiful so it was well worth it. Hugs.....

  3. A lovely weekend and sounds like a busy week ahead...enjoy :)


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