Sunday, 13 April 2014

Making Spirits Bright

Today my girls went off to spend a week with the father. Me I am off on holidays on Friday. 

Today I have picked up these cute elves. 

Two down one to go. 

Yesterday I was given some happy news. Forbes is getting a Spotlight, hopefully opening soon. Really that is not the good news. 

 Candice, my eldest daughter has been waitressing in a pub since she left school. She applied for a position at Spotlight and has been offered am interview on Wednesday. Hope she is successful. 


  1. Good luck to Candice Simone and lovely stitching.xx

  2. Fabulous you are getting a Spotlight especially because your DD Candice WILL get a job there...
    Love those Elves...

  3. Gorgeous of luck to Candice...

  4. nice stitchery...........goodluck to your daughter for her interview.........

  5. Lovely stitching, Simone. My one is all stitched but I have to go get some red to border and bind my hanging. How awful is that! Enjoy your holiday. Good luck to Candice.

  6. Fingers xx for DD...& how exciting for a new shop to open!
    Lovely stitching Simone! :)

  7. Very good news.........
    Tell Candice good luck !!

  8. WOOHOO! Spotty is coming lol.With a bit of luck your dd will get the job there. You are so going to love it. Enjoy your stitching break.

  9. Wishing her luck this morning. :)


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