Saturday, 10 May 2014

Great day.

Today I went to sewing at the shop. 
I had a finish and a near finish. 

My finish was a sewing bag for Shellene
The shop owner. She loved my bag and wanted her own. 

I have nearly finished a second one. I would have but realised the pockets weren't on correctly and I need a minor adjustment to fix it. 

Tonight I have experimented with crochet hexagon flowers. Thank goodness YouTube is around as it helped me with a tutorial. Very happy!

Hope you Saturday was a great one 


  1. What a lovely bag Simone,hope you have a wonderful Sunday.xx

  2. Pretty bag. Happy Mothers Day. hugs......

  3. Great bag...Happy Mothers Day Simone...

  4. Ooh great bag simone ...well done!

  5. Yes..I agree, another lovely bag.


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