Wednesday, 18 June 2014

New sewing friends

All I can say is last night was a success. 

The group of ladies were welcoming and extremely talented, not just in the area of patchwork but also in their career. They are all nurses. 

I started sewing my baby quilt. 

Two sets together. 7 more to go. 

I am loving this one. But first things first I need finalise some swaps gifts. 

Sending dates are approaching quickly 


  1. glad you joined in a good group..always nice to have new sewing friends......

  2. Good to know you have a group to stitch with. Such fun, although beware that sometimes very little sewing gets done hehehe. You have just reminded me to get a move on with the 12"mini swap.

  3. Sew pleased you have joined a lovely sewing group...
    Enjoy finishing your swaps.

  4. It's a lovely quilt Simone, great colours for a bub...
    Good on you joining a group - I've just done that too - I think we both are in for a lovely fun future of groups sewing!

  5. It can be a bit nerve racking heading off to a new group, so glad you had a good time.

  6. The baby quilt looks great........
    I'm glad you had a good night out meeting new people.


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