Monday, 16 June 2014

New sewing group

Tomorrow I am going to be joining a new group of ladies for an evening of sewing. 

I am going to take along my baby quilt. 
 To sew together. 
I am adding s red row upon request from the grandmother, a white border than a blue and bind with white. 

I have now had a request for a second quilt but I would live to use these fabrics. 

I have to make a row and see of the great Aunty loves it 


  1. I am quilting a grown up size of the same attern right now. Such a versatile design. Lovely as a baby quilt too.

  2. Love the blue and white , interesting she wants red in it too. Love those fabrics you want to use in the next quilt.

  3. Love the blue chevron.. Hmm not sure about the red??
    Like the owl fabrics..

  4. Very nice Simone.........
    I like the owls too.

  5. How lovely to have a new sewing group to go to. Enjoy yourself Simone.

  6. It's coming along beautifully Sim

  7. Enjoy your night with NEW friends... because they will become OLD friends really quickly I'm sure :)

  8. Love the blue quilt and your other fabrics as well. hugs......


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