Sunday, 10 August 2014

Weekends are great

Saturday jobs:
Trip to spotlight
Helped Bridie make a scrapbook page for our local show 
Playing at our redesigned park 
Helping Bridie make a pincushion for the show
(We have to sew some Ric Rac on and a button)

Grocery shopping 
Bunning for more cube shelving 
Driving for 30 minutes with the L plater 
Finishing off my Santa sack for my partner 
Posting for Uni course
Dinner with great friends from Balranald who are passing through town. 
Stitching my girls. 

Phew. I bed to return to work to have a rest - not really have a busy week ahead of me. 

Tuesday - Trangie and then Narromine for a staff meeting  

Thursday - meeting at Narromine. 

Hope you weekend was as exciting as mine. 


  1. WOW!! You all have had a very fun filled weekend. Lovely pincushion and scrapbook.

  2. My weekend was over in a blur - I'm not sure I really had a weekend...

  3. You certainly have been busy, Simone.


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