Thursday, 26 March 2015

Drunkard Path Quilt

Yes i know the essay still needs to be written. Friday night I aim to put down more words 500 is my aim!

But tonight I went to sewing and took along with me the gorgeous Daydream drunkard path shapes.

I also found my curved edge foot and long tweezers.

I attached my foot and started sewing the first one. Not sure how it was going to go but I am more than happy to see this edge without matching spots or pins.

Just because I can a laid out Some of the blocks I had finished to see what it looked like. This is not my final layout just the blocks I had finished at the time.

Happy so far.

Did I tell you that I bought this fabric kit from the gorgeous Suze at Cobar Quilt Shop?

An amazing shop to visit.

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  1. they always look good............goodluck with the essay.............


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