Sunday, 29 March 2015

March Update

I read the email and I have posted! I don't like the sound of the whip cracking.

So far, yes with two days to go...

Blocks completed.

Blocks needing to be completed.

I have had a huge month travelling with work as well as trying to get an 2000 word essay completed.

It is in draft form so I am going to spent an hour or so this afternoon working on the incomplete blocks before I begin to edit.

I am definitely enjoying the journey.

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  1. looking great Simone.....goodluck with both stitching and essay..........

  2. Under your circumstances... I think you are doing EXTreMeLy good!
    Best of luck today with both... xox

  3. Your blocks are lovely. Sounds like you deserve some sewing time.


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