Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Catch up

Well it has a huge couple of weeks.

I am finding I am posting more on Instagram than blogging. It is a shame that the two cant be linked! Or can they?

Easter. Had Kylie and her children visit to spend the weekend. We spent some time sewing and I even got to start a new quilt top Trip around the World.

I am using Fossil Fern fabrics.

I also pulled out my Shortcake quilt and have begun sewing the rows together.

This past week I travelled to Melbourne for work.

I flew from Canberra which was easy as I dropped the girls off at mum and dads and off I went.

While in Melbourne
I ride a tram or two,
Took a train
Walked from William St up to Bourke St
Dined in Lygon St
Visited Mackinnon College for the day long meeting.

I wasn't able to go shopping but that's okay as today I will be staying in Burwood NSW for three nights.
I am off to a Google summit with over 300 other educators.

Mum will bring the girls home on Friday, I come back in Saturday.

Hope everyone is well and I promise to blog more regularly.

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  1. Busy times, but still room for fun and sewing. Love your shortcake blocks. Have a good week.

  2. lovely sewing there Simone... & some adventures too...

  3. hey nice to see you pop your head in..........I only blog so if you don't do that I don't see safe.........

  4. You have been busy. Hope you will have more me time soon. hugs.....


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