Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Background pieced together

I am so pleased I had some time to piece my background. I didn't read the instructions properly and had to piece the large block back together. But I am happy with the result.

I haven't finished June blocks.

I have moved house! I am now back on the mortgage pathway. I am very excited to be in a great house.

This is my living area. Photo is taken leaning up against the kitchen bench.

I am nearly all sorted and can now start back on these blocks.

So glad to be back. Now I need to catch up in all the posts I have missed.

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  1. How nice to be paying off your own home. Looks great.

    Background piece look fine and now to get it ready for stitching. It's a BIG month...

  2. I wish you much happiness in your new home Simone xx

  3. May your new home be filled with much laughter, love, joy and lots of great memories!

  4. it's wonderful to have your own space.........enjoy settling in.........

  5. All the very best YOUR new home... Xox


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