Saturday, 4 July 2015

We have moved in

The family is all moved into our new house.

Minor problems experienced.

- no phone connection; has been transferred but dead line!

- no hot water; booked an electrician who failed to turn up. Posted on Facebook the need for an electrician and a lovely man from Parkes came and helped me out.

- no TV

But have reason to celebrate all but the phone is fixed.

Yay for hot water and background noise.

I am working on setting my sewing room. Unpacking boxes is in the agenda.

So shoot yo be in our own home with lots of space.

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  1. Sew nice to be in your new home and I am sure all the little problems will be ironed out soon....

  2. congrats on your new home! I am sure those pesky problems will be handled soon and it will then be smooth sailing! Enjoy your new home!


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