Saturday, 9 April 2016

Tripping Overseas

Yesterday a friend and I took our daughters over to Sydney. We went via Bathurst and had lunch at Sweet Caramel. It is owned by the people who used to own the restaurant at the Forbes Inn. It certainly was delicious.

We travelled into Sydney where we booked in.

Tracy and I stayed the night at the Stamford right near the airport.

The girls had dinner with us and when it was time to go we took them to the budget Ibis and have them to their teachers.

20 children and 3 adults were heading off to Cambodia and Vietnam for a school trip
Was a teary goodbye ( I was the only one crying)!

The girls sent messages during the night. I got the wake up call at 5:30. The girls were on the move.

Thankfully they were super excited to be heading off wearing their green shirts on this their first flight, six to go!

I updated and ended up buying the flight tracker app so Tracy and I could watch the girls. Fly out.

This is their flight path.

They should arrive is Saigon at 7pm est.

Can't wait to hear from her, when she gets wifi

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  1. Oh, she will love Cambodia and Vietnam - they are wonderful countries to visit. Are the girls doing some charity work whilst they are there, as well?


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