Sunday, 22 May 2016

It has been a while since I have posted. Not much has been happening. 

My eldest daughter turned 21 on Mothers Day. She came home to celebrate with us. 

I have not done any sewing as there is an essay looming and with only 500 words remaining this has been my focus. 

I have been travelling ( that's not new). I visited my four schools in the one week. 
Travelling 1400 km over five days. 
Home-Trundle - home 
Home-Nyngan - Trangie- home (overnight trip)
Home-hay-home (overnight trip)

Our street has a new baby so I knitted my first pair of booties. 

I am in Orange today and tomorrow's focus is finalising this essay. Then the return to all things with needle and thread can return. 

Thanks for dropping by..... Simone


  1. will be wonderful to have that essay finished........lovely to share your daughters 21st together........

  2. You will be happy to have that essay done.. Nice to get a pair of booties knitted and will be nicer to get back into some stitching...

  3. Take care while on the road Simone. I have no doubt ALL those projects will still be waiting for xox


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