Saturday, 4 June 2016

Just checking in

This weekend is my last weekend as an official Uni student. After spending the past seven years, A Graduate Diploma of Religious Education and nearly A Masters
Of Educational Leadership my studying will be done. 

I am so looking forward to getting back in to my sewing and all things I love that are handmade. 

This is a photo of my daughter Talia front row hands in blazer pocket. 
The heading was OHL 2K16. For the life of me I did not know what OHL was. Well when I was told it ending up being Olympic Handball League!!! These year 12 friends spend recess and lunch playing handball. Gosh I used ton play handball when I was in primary too. 


  1. OMG what a huge time........well done...congrats........

  2. well done Simone you should be very proud of yourself,thats a wonderful effort my friend ....


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