Sunday, 10 July 2016


At the end of June over 2000 catholic educators travelled to Perth to attend the National Catholic Education Commission Conference.
This conference is held every four years.

This year our diocese put in a proposal to present at the conference. We were successful. I assisted the team in putting together a paper for the conference which is why I was asked to attend.

The conference was amazing 3 1/2 days of amazing speakers and networking.

It was special for me as I reconnected with three principals whom I went to uni with back in the day.

My dads family is all in WA so I was able to meet up with a couple of my family which was terrific as well.

I must let you all know that my final assignment received a credit mark. This has lifted a huge weight off my shoulders and life can resume again. After 7 years of studying I come away with a
Graduate Diploma in Religious Education
Masters of Educational Leadership.

I have been absent from swaps so in 2017 I will be signing up again.

This Friday my middle daughter turns 18 and this mother in her madness is allowing her to have a party! So the beef, gravy and rolls have been ordered so too has the cake. My neighbours are all invited and are supplying some wood and fire buckets to keep us all warm.

Hopefully we will survive.

This weekend I have also had some sewing progress. Playing with fabric and rulers and my sewing machine has been so good. (The app on my phone is not allowing me to post photos so I have to post one later).

Thanks for dropping by..... Simone


  1. Congratulations on completing your study and receiving a credit mark. Well done!
    Happy 18th to you DD and enjoy the party....
    Look forward to seeing some pics later.

  2. So pleased you have finished your study....... Huge effort.....


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