Tuesday, 6 September 2016

I am back.

Been a little absent of late. Busyness of work getting in the way. 

I do post in Instagram and also Facebook but seem to forget my blog. 

I have spend most of my time
- knitting a sock
- making hexagons for a Facebook swap
- working in the wedding quilt which was back in April

We are experiencing localised flooding at the moment with the dam dealing 20% of its water we are expecting moderate flooding. 

Hoping this is not going to be like it was back in 2012. 

My eldest daughter has made contact so I am happy about that. I am also excited for my middle daughter who has a couple of weeks left of school and then sits her HSC exams. 

My youngest got her braces off so it is all happening here. 

Not long until I head over to Bathurst for the weekend. Looking forward to a weekend away. 


  1. Yes, work can be a pain like that - getting in the way of the real business of our lives - crafty doings! lol! I hope that you don't get flooded out and good luck to your daughter with her HSC.

  2. Hi Siomne nice to see what's been happening at your place.. Have fun at Bathurst.


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