Friday, 7 October 2016

Holidays end

This is my last weekday of my holidays before I return to work.

My youngest daughter stayed home all holidays. She couldn't get to her fathers house. That caused her great distress and anger towards me. But here we are at the end of the holidays and all is well. Late nights late mornings. Loud music all part of the holiday at home.

My middle daughter is locked away in our spare room with books notes and all things school spread over the spare bed. She has been studying for the upcoming HSC exams which begin next week.

I have enjoyed my five days of leave. I have got into the garden, saw a movie, sewed with friends, listened to the music selection of Bridie - it is very good quite a broad range of music, style and era.

We watching both football grand finals and enjoyed both. Particularly the end of the NRL game. We also lived the pre game entertainment Keith Urban amazing!

I have also begun a four week online course as part of my role at work. So far I have spent five hours watching the presentation, completing the homework and assignment.

It will be great to return to work and get back to our weekly routine.

Thanks for dropping by..... Simone

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