Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Plodding along....

Making some progress....

After a weekend away in September and stitching down my squares I haven't picked up this project.

A lot of my time has been spent making hexagon flowers for a facebook group I am in.  I think I was 'sucked' into the group with the 'rules' for the group changing as quick as the members grew.   Anyway I am over halfway and thought that this week I have off would be spent knitting a shawlette and also starting to sew together my Nature's Journey quilt top.

Here are a picture of the Hitchhikers shawlette I think I have about 80 rows to go... 

I have also begun making the nine patches for the next border for Nature's Journey as well.


  1. you are making great progress for such a busy lady.
    great colours for your Natures Journey.
    Love the shawl.

  2. Lovely
    Did you get the rest of your birthday fat 1/4ss?

  3. Great work with the got lots of stitching done at Bathurst.......and looks like your firing away with the nine patches ......


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