Friday, 10 June 2011

Reading blogs on my smart phone.

During the day, while on breaks, I love catching up on blogs I follow.  I do this on my smart phone.

I set up my blog so that viewing on the mobile c an happen.  This function shows only the posts, not the other information found on the blog page. 

I often wish other bloggers would do the same.

Enabling this on my blog was easy to do..... 
On my dashboard I went in to SETTINGS, selected EMAIL/MOBILE  said yes to view on mobile devices, the first circle. It was that simple.

Here is hoping that others do this as well so everyone can see the posts more easily.

During my lunch time break today I managed to sew around an oak leaf for my SECRET GARDEN quilt. 
I was on my own today so no time to stop and chat, very pleased with myself.

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  1. smarty pants. that's cheating..LOL. Its great to see that you can access your info anytime and catch up with your blogging friends easily


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