Saturday, 20 August 2011

Home again!

After rising at 5am on Thursday morning we were on the road by 6am heading to Wagga Wagga.  It was a great drive there and before we knew it we were in the big city.
I attended 2 days of meetings and the content was fantastic!  The people who presented were fantastic!  The hosts were fantastic!

The motel we stayed in was The Lawson, if ever you need to stay a night in Wagga go the The Lawson you can definately have a party in the bathroom and a concert in the room.  Forgot to take pics of it all but my goodness it was the best.

Spent Thursday afternoon looking at the shops in one of the malls and down the main street.  I managed to get myself some clothes, some gloves and a bone for Bridie (she is Old Mother Hubbard for the school musical) and new L plate holders as the other ones were only plastic and they broke!

Tea Thursday night was at La Porchetta oh my goodness it was delicious!!!!!!  We started with cheese and garlic pizza and had main meals of steak with mushroom sauce and fettucine with mushroom.  mmmmmm I need to go back.

I managed to stitch some faces on my quilting pillow stitcheries on the drive home.. must get my act together so that I can finish this quickly.....

When I came home I took the girls to the Inn for tea.  Wow it was great to see so many familiar faces dining out.  I walked in at was greeted by people from Deni and Bree, then moved in to the main bar and found people from Bal, Warren, Trangie, Condo... incredible.

The girls surprised Nat by going to see her while I stopped to talk.  It was great seeing her, but next time I am in Bal she is not going to be there but I am still going to drop in and check at the renos!!!!

Nice windy day today, three loads of washing out, soccer clothes on and all I am hearing is bang bang band as the ball is hitting the brick wall.

Best go and get organised as she plays at midday.

Happy stitching

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  1. Wow! You have been very busy and having a good time it sounds.
    Keep having fun.........


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