Sunday, 23 October 2011


Back in June, Bridie received the Sacrament of Confirmation.  I had made quilts for my older girls to mark this occassion. 
I had a panel and fabric bought from Miss Sampson's a couple of years ago.  I thought this would be perfect for Bridie's confirmation quilt.
(I really liked the fabric and bought enough to make a needle turn applique quilt)

I finished sewing this quilt together a while ago and was keen to get it quilted so Bridie could use it. 

My quilting friend out at Caragabel, from Off Road Quilting, has a long arm quilting machine and offered, with payment, to quilt my quilt for me.

On Tuesday I got  the quilt back from her and I must say I am impressed by her work.

She traced around the panel of each butterfly.
Then stitched in the ditch and stippled the large border.

Bridie loves her quilt....

Happy stitching....


  1. what a lovely and bright quilt for her.

  2. Simone the quilting is great.
    Bridie must be one happy girl.

  3. That girls. Bridie is looking forward to sleeping under it tonight. Now to finish Down in the Garden. I am so close it is not funny. Want to hermit down to I can start on the vignette quilt. I have to think about making my niece a quilt there is only one left to make.


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